About Anna Sorbie

Anna has a background as both a fashion and hair designer. She founded ‘AnnaSorbie.com’ in 2007 in order to offer a unique service in synthesising the bespoke design of bridal hair, make-up, jewellery and accessories into a unified whole to produce ‘couture bridal beauty’.

Anna works closely with the bride to vision and detail a personalised bridal beauty design and then operates as a ‘lead designer’, using her extensive professional knowledge and network of contacts to ‘hand-pick’, co-ordinate and oversee the highest quality artisans, producers and suppliers to realise this vision to an exceptional quality. This service is offered internationally and Anna foregrounds bringing the best of British creative talent, craftmanship and products to the design process and its realisation. Anna’s services will soon incorporate wedding gowns to achieve ‘total couture bridal beauty design’ as well as advice on more general wedding planning and contacts in the wedding capital of the UK, the Lake District, where her company HQ is based.

Anna’s experience as a lead-designer has been acknowledged in her appointment as ‘style co-ordinator’ for the hair and make-up teams for the catwalk models at the National Wedding Show in Manchester, 2018 and 2019. Depending upon the bride’s specific requirements Anna may provide hair-dressing as well as design, having been a Bridal Hair finalist for HJ Magazine, a ‘most commended’ hair stylist for the National Wedding Show and being voted one of the top 14 UK hairstylists by Brides Magazine.

Anna has pioneered the development of exquisite ‘hair jewellery’ that is fully integrated and intertwined with the bride’s hair design, utilising high quality, lustrous, light and flexible materials such as Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls, mounted on intricately woven gold and silver-plated wires.

Her work in this area has attracted considerable national and international press coverage including features in Vogue and Brides Magazine (click here for more details of press coverage). As such Anna can design and make bespoke hair jewellery as well as designing other pieces including engagement and wedding rings, hand-crafted by her network of artisan jewellers.

Anna is completely committed to ensuring that her services delight as evidenced in client testimonials

Anna believes passionately in helping to develop up-coming talent and works as a mentor for The World Modelling Conference in London. In commissioning Anna to design your bridal beauty, you will also help to support women whose experiences of love have been less positive, as Anna donates a proportion of profits to Women’s Aid.

More locally, Anna is working to petition for a family friendly women’s refuge in Kendal where her HQ is based. If you are interested in supporting this campaign, she would be delighted to discuss this with you.