1) You can’t wash your hair on the morning of having it put up.

False, not washing your hair can make you feel unclean and can make your hair flat, this can actually be harder to work with.

These days there are many products on the market that can prep your hair to help create the texture needed to keep your hair in place, there are products that prepare your hair without leaving it sticky. Try L’Oréal Professionnel Art Pli and L’oreal Tecni Art Savage Panache.  

2) I can’t have a full body, texture, fishtail plait as my hair is short and dark. 

False, adding clip in extensions can create body and length, using multicolour hair extensions help break up the density of the block colour creating multi-texture which shows off the plaits detail in its full Beauty. A great product for this is ‘Anna Sorbie Hair Extensions’

 3) My hair can’t hold a curl.

False, with the Correct weight cut out in the correct places, it can.  This Doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have layers, a good hairdresser will know how to take weight out without over layering. With the correct product preparation and the correct technique, your curl should last.