Anna Sorbie's hair accessories have been modelled by
celebrity influencers across the UK including Rachel Lugo and Olivia Cox.

Rachel Lugo

Rachel Lugo is an English reality television star who is best known for her appearances on the ITV series The Real Housewives of Cheshire beginning since its sixth season.

She is also a business owner, specialising in property development and philanthropist who is known for her work in interior design.

Rachel started her career in real estate, working as the director of Gatley Green Construction and Property Management. She went on to make her debut on The Real Housewives of Cheshire in 2017 during its sixth season.

Rachel Lugo hair salon
Olivia Cox

Olivia Cox

Olivia is a London-based TV / Radio Presenter and lifestyle Influencer. Her career began serving in the British Army, before moving into journalism to write beauty & stye pages for Marie Claire. A love of performing in-front of the camera landed Olivia her first hosting role for Entertainment Wise, and she has since filmed for channels including Sky Sports, E4, ITV and Sky Travel. Since launching her namesake blog, Olivia has partnered with a series of brands and is a leading influencer within beauty, fashion, fitness and travel.

Olivia’s passion is running and skiing, having successfully competed at both whilst in the Army. Her dream is to host an adventure travel or sports show, and is passionate about blurring the divide between fashion and fitness. Olivia empowers her followers with a very real honesty and genuine insight into her journey, always championing on the belief that we can both look great AND smash it at the gym.