Luxury Oak Spiced Candle


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Luxury Scented Candle Hand Poured in the UK.

300ml with a burn time of up to 30 hours.



  • Do not burn to the bottom of the candle.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Burn candle out of the reach of children and pets
  • Always snuff out the candle do not blow out.
  • Keep the wax pool clear and clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring.
  • Always leave at least 10cm between burning candles.
  • Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch on fire.
  • Do not place candles in a draught.
  • When lighting/re-lighting, trim the wick to a length of 1cm to avoid excess soot and spitting.
  • Do not move a burning candle.
  • Do not store near a heat source.
  • To prevent overheating discontinuing use when 12mm (1/2’’) of wax remains.
  • Remove all packaging before you light the candle.
  • Place on heat-resistant surface.
  • If smoking occurs, safely extinguish the candle with a Candle Snuffer, trim wick, remove trimmings and relight.
  • Keep burning candles within sight at all times.


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